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Consulting services we offer

HR Management

  • Design Organisational Structures
  • Labour Planning
  • Dashboards
  • Management Reporting

Short Term Incentives

  • Production Schemes
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Schemes
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual Company-wide Schemes
  • Executive Schemes
  • Profit Share schemes

Performance Management

  • Developing Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Setting Targets and developing potential scenarios
  • Individual Performance Management

Long Term Incentives

  • Share schemes
  • Cash Schemes
  • Retention Schemes

CUSTOMIZED software we offer

We provide an array of services from project conception to implementation to documentation, with typical project lifecycle elements of review, conceptual design, detailed design, and implementation. We also ensure we work to the standards set out by the organisation to ensure you are and stay compliant and pass your audits every time.

One of our main products we have developed is a Fully Automated Incentive (Bonus) application. We interface with any source system, (HR, Payroll, Planning, Measurements, Safety). If you currently do not have a source system, no worries we can either create the source system for you or enable you to import the data via Excel or manually capture it directly into the application and save the data into a secure database. There are various options available, please contact us for more information regarding this.
Our Latest Solution is a Complete Management Solution that will interface into your current Hikvision Investment taking your investment to the next level and let Technology work for you

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