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AccuReward is a multi-faceted Technology Solutions Company offering a comprehensive suite of services that encompass Consulting, Software Development, and Hardware Integration. With our expertise in designing, developing, and supplying software and hardware solutions tailored to your precise business requirements, trust us to provide the excellence you need to thrive in today’s fiercely competitive market.

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At AccuReward, we recognize the importance of expertise in transforming opportunities into successful business strategies. With our unwavering passion for delivering top-quality end-to-end solutions, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and elevate your business to new heights. From strategy development to seamless deployment and beyond, our team is here to offer the guidance and support you need. Trust us as your reliable partner in growth. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of your business.

Well-Known Team

AccuReward stands out by delivering unparalleled quality and expertise to our clients through our team of highly experienced professionals. We pride ourselves on maintaining cost-effective services with a low overhead structure, while seamlessly integrating similarly experienced professionals through our associate and networked business model. This approach further enhances our offerings, solidifying our reputation as a well-known team that provides exceptional value through our high-level of professional service and expertise.

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Building lasting relationships through tailored solutions that align with your unique culture, industry, and operations. Our transparent and participative approach ensures meticulous scrutiny, offering substantial value beyond initial interventions. We prioritize long-term partnerships by providing ongoing maintenance and support on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. Our strategic solutions aim to enhance shareholder value and seamlessly implement business strategies. With strong client involvement, we drive sustainable performance improvements and emphasize the transfer of skills and knowledge for enduring impact. Trust AccuReward for comprehensive technology solutions that propel your business forward.

Global Solution Partners

As a registered solution partner with various OEM companies, AccuReward (Pty.) Ltd. is dedicated to delivering exceptional products and tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. Whether it means customizing the solution or going above and beyond, we are committed to providing you with the best possible technology solutions. With our multifaceted range of services, including Consulting Services, Software Development, Hardware Integration, and Interface Development, you can trust us to provide the excellence you need to thrive in today’s fiercely competitive market. Trust AccuReward to be your reliable partner in achieving your business goals.

Supply Services

AccuReward takes pride in offering an extensive range of OEM products to meet the diverse needs of the market. As a multi-faceted Technology Solutions Company, we not only provide Consulting Services, Software Development, and Hardware Integration but also specialize in designing, developing, and supplying tailor-made OEM products that are precisely crafted to fulfill your unique requirements. With our commitment to excellence and expertise in Hardware Solutions Design, trust us to deliver the perfect OEM solutions for your business. Partner with AccuReward and experience the difference today.

These include:
    • All Hikvision related equipment and software
    • All Huawei related equipment and software
    • All Dahua related equipment and software
    • All Bosch Camera related equipment and software
    • All FLIR related equipment and software
    • All Rugged SA equipment

Starting Point

– 1999 –

We are founded

AccuReward has been designing and developing software solutions for the South African mining industry since 1999. Our commitment to meeting your unique business requirements has grown alongside our solution. Based in Gauteng with a Level 4 BEE rating, we now offer consulting, software development, hardware integration, interface development, and customized hardware solutions. Trust AccuReward for tailored technology solutions that propel your business forward.

Starting Point

– 2006 –

Consulting Services

In 2006, we embarked on designing bonus/reward schemes specifically tailored for the mining industry. Our initial endeavor involved aligning the entire Gold Fields South Africa operations. Following the successful completion of this undertaking, we received a request to extend our services to align the International operations as well. As of 2021, our diligent efforts have resulted in the calculation of over R1.2 billion in annual bonuses for our esteemed mining industry clients. This inclusive figure encompasses individuals ranging from cleaners to CEOs.

Starting Point

– 2020 –

Hardware Integrations

When Covid-19 hit South Africa in 2020, AccuReward recognized the immense potential in developing specialized software that interfaces directly with hardware. This realization led to the creation of the ACCR Management Solution. As one of Hikvision’s Technical Solution Partners, AccuReward takes pride in developing customized solutions using their OEM products. With the understanding that Covid-19 would not last indefinitely, AccuReward designed the ACCR Management Solution not only to cater to the challenges posed by the pandemic but also to assist clients in maximizing their return on investment in Hikvision products beyond Covid-19. Continuously upgrading the initial Covid-19 module, AccuReward’s aim was not limited to Face Recognition Terminals, Cameras, and Covid-19 fever screening. Instead, the company expanded the solution to encompass all of Hikvision’s intelligent hardware. By establishing interfaces with Hikvision HeatPro Thermal cameras, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras, People Counting cameras, and more, AccuReward ensures that management has enhanced control over their Hikvision investment. Particularly in the mining industry, AccuReward has identified the potential for optimizing Hikvision equipment by customizing it according to specific needs, enabling users to leverage all available features and functions.

Starting Point

– 2022 –

Additional Hardware Integrations

AccuReward expanded its reach in 2022 by venturing into other OEM manufacturers’ interfaces and establishing itself as a registered Technical Solution Partner with them. This development aligns with our commitment to providing additional hardware integrations and signifies our dedication towards delivering top-notch solutions.

Starting Point

– 2023 –

Huawei GPON and Wi-Fi 6 Solutions

AccuReward offers professional Huawei GPON and Wi-Fi 6 solutions. Since 2023, we have been dedicated to providing these cutting-edge solutions to the underground mining industry. However, our expertise is not limited to mining alone, as our solutions can be tailored and implemented in any industry. Trust AccuReward for top-of-the-line connectivity solutions that meet the unique needs of your business.

Starting Point

– 2023 –

Huawei Cloud Storage Solutions

AccuReward, the renowned provider of Huawei Cloud Storage Solutions, has broadened its range of offerings to include Huawei Cloud Storage Solutions in 2023. The introduction of this innovative storage solution represents another significant milestone for AccuReward as it continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of its esteemed clients. With the addition of Huawei Cloud Storage Solutions, AccuReward aims to further enhance its position as a leading provider in the industry, providing clients with advanced storage capabilities and empowering them to optimize their data management strategies. The expansion of AccuReward’s portfolio reflects its commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and ensuring unparalleled performance and reliability for its valued customers.

Starting Point

– 2023 –

Customize Circuit Board and Chip designs

AccuReward embarked on its journey in 2023, delving into the realm of developing Customize Circuit Board and Chip designs. This enables you to seize absolute command over your hardware, granting you the unparalleled opportunity to shape it according to your desires. With AccuReward, the power lies in your hands to truly customize your own circuit board and chip designs, ensuring that your hardware reflects your unique vision and requirements.

Starting Point

– 2023 –

Online Shop

In 2023 AccuReward started started with their online shop where you can buy equipment from our OEM Solution Partners.

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